Excavation Permits

Excavation Permits

The City now provides excavation permit and permit information on its website. You may reach this information through the Document Central, or linked on this page below. The Excavation Permit Process is also listed below.

  1. Excavation Permit Process
  2. Detail sheet for Water
  3. Detail sheet for Sewer
  4. Detail sheet for Drain
  5. Detail sheet for Pavement
  6. Standard detail sheet for contractors - Water
  7. Standard detail sheet for contractors - Sewer
  8. Standard detail sheet for contractors - SMH
  9. Standard detail sheet for contractors - Drain
  10. Standard detail sheet for contractors - Road & Sign

Excavation permit process

1. Contractor to submit excavation permit application to include:

• Sketch of excavation with existing and proposed utilities shown. (Map request)

• Estimates for trench length, width, and depth in feet.

• Dig safe number. To obtain call 1-888-344-7233

• Traffic control plan. Map and details

• Insurance certificate, naming City as additionally insured with no disclaimer page.

• Contractor name, address, and phone number

• Estimated time of proposed excavation in days

• Signed verification of received construction specifications (booklet)

2. Weekly meeting of excavation application review group. To include Engineering, Highway,Water/ Sewer Divisions

• Evaluate submitted applications

• Verify utilities , propose changes

• Estimate construction deposit.

• Approve application, notify contractor with bond estimate.

• Any incomplete applications will be reviewed at next group meeting unless approved by City Engineer or designee.

3. Contractor to obtain receipt from revenue – collections office at 3 Washington Street in amount estimated and submit to public works administration. This includes permit fee and bond estimate.

• DPW to issue permit

• Contractor has 72 hours before construction can begin.

• Contractor must notify DPW 24 hours in advance of actual excavation. 352-6550

• Any modification of these items must be approved by city engineer in writing.