Fleet Services

Fleet maintains ALL City vehicles including Police, Fire and Rescue, Highway, Water Sewer, Parks and Recreation, Cemetery as well as the City of Keene Airport. This is over 150 vehicles, trucks and equipment. The Fleet Services team includes an Operations Manager, an Administrative Coordinator and four Mechanics.  

(Biodiesel News provided by the National Biodiesel Board)

Below are a few photos of City equipment.

Leaf collection Leaf collection to keep our catch basins clear.
Moving loads Moves dirt and loads salt.
Fire truck A City of Keene ladder truck being serviced.
Highway truck Highway truck with swap loader setup. This truck can be changed to a salter in 5 minutes or a large snow body can be mounted... One drive train with multiple uses.
Plow Sidewalk tractor designed to keep the City's sidewalks clear in the winter.
All the above equipment use B-20 biodiesel for fuel. The City has used this fuel for the last 14 years. It has been very successful no loss of power, Gel ups and the exhaust is remarkably clean! See attached power point for further details.
Police car Keeping our neighborhoods safe  - Keene Police Marked units