KARES celebrates 25 years of service to the Keene community




Bill Deyo - Chair
Elaine Hall - Secretary
Laura Chase - Treasurer
David Town - Squad Leader
Lee LeFrancois - Squad Leader
Marge Chamberlain - Dispatcher

Board of Executives

David Town
Laura Chase
Bryce Massie
Peter Boufford
Lee LeFrancois

Keene Area Radio Emergency Squad (KARES) is a civilian component of the Keene Police Department established to assist the Department in times of emergency and during public events. The unit has a system of oversight (Advisory Board) and a chain of command (supervisory personnel). Ultimately, the unit derives its authority from the Police Department and is responsible to the Police Chief.

  • Membership

    • Members of KARES are not sworn police officers and have no law enforcement authority.

    • KARES membership shall be restricted to those persons eighteen (18) years of age or older.

    • All applicants shall be screened by the Keene Police Department and the KARES Advisory Board.

    • KARES membership shall consist of active, semi-active, and honorary members.

    • The probationary period of all prospective members will be ninety (90) days.

      • Definition:

        • Active Membership: Those who make a majority (75%) of the regularly-scheduled meetings, training sessions, and call-outs (emergency and non-emergency when contacted by the leadership);

        • Semi-Active Membership: Those who do not attend a majority of the regularly-scheduled meetings, training sessions, call-outs, functions, etc.;

        • Honorary Membership: Those who remain in good standing in name only, demonstrate a special interest, and are committed to the objectives of KARES.

      • General Duties of Members

        • Perform traffic control duties under the direction of the Police Department.

        • Provide crowd control under the direction of the Police or Fire Department, limiting access at the outside perimeter of any incident.

        • Provide safe exit to pedestrian and vehicle traffic from any incident.

        • Provide radio or support communications between Police or the Fire Department and any other emergency service at the time of the emergency.

        • Follow designated search procedures for a lost or missing person(s) under the direction and control of the Police Department or the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

If interested in joining and or learning about KARES please contact Lt. Shane Maxfield at (603)-357-9850