Special Teams

The Tactical Team may be deployed to hi-risk events or unusual circumstances where the team training, equipment and skill sets will enhance the safe and efficient reduction of threats. The Tactical Team includes an entry team, sniper team, negotiators and tactical dispatcher. Individual Officers are assigned to fill various tactical assignments within those elements. Tactical Officers must be able to function for extended periods of time in various weather conditions and often with limited comfort or mobility. The Tactical Officer must manage stress related to fear, fatigue and/or confusion while being able to function effectively with or without clear and direct supervision.



Captain Andy Schaeffer, Officer Josh English and K-9 Patriot


Keene Police Department Accepts Next Working Dog;


Members of the Keene Police Department picked up the Department’s successor working dog at Logan Airport on Saturday, May 8th.  K-9 “PATRIOT”, an 18 month old black German Shepherd, arrived in the States at 10:30PM and was immediately assigned to his handler, Officer Joshua English. 

The two will embark on an extensive training curriculum at the New Hampshire Police Canine Academy, also known as the NH Working Dog Foundation (WDF), in order to get the team patrol certified over thenext several months.  Off. English and K-9 Patriot will eventually be a dual certified K-9 team, as they are to be narcotics certified, post patrol certification. 

Sgt. Steven Tenney will continue working his K-9 partner, K-9 Laika, until our new team is certified and will be working with Off. English and K-9 PATRIOT extensively over the next several months.

K-9 Patriot was awarded to theKeene PD through a $5000 grant from the Working Dog Foundation, where theKeene PD trains its K-9 teams.  

The Working Dog Foundation was established to ensure that communities in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine would always be able to train and care for their K-9 corps. As town and municipal budgets are reduced, police and public safety departments have been forced to review their K-9 resources. As a result, budgets for training and travel to out-of-state training facilities have often been cut or eliminated.

The WDF was founded in 1995 as a 501-C:3 non-profit organization and remains a trusted resource for communities and law enforcement agencies who want to maintain high-quality K-9 programs. In addition to locating and placing qualified dogs, the Working Dog Foundation raises funds and provides facilities for training, testing, and certifying police K-9's and their handlers.

The WDF has been internationally recognized for their efforts in promoting Police/Working Dogs throughout the world:

  • USPCA approved training facility
  • USPCA certified trainers
  • K-9 related educational and training seminars
  • Seed grants (dogs and equipment) for NH Police Departments
  • K-9 ballistic vest grants for departments in need
  • Seminars with internationally recognized experts
  • The New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy
  • Establishing minimum standards for certifying Police K-9 teams
  • Improving the abilities of the canine in police work
  • Dedicated volunteer membership
  • K-9 First aid & and CPR classes

The Keene Police Department was also the recipient of a WDF grant in 2004.  The grant was for $3,600, and was used to purchase the Department’s current working canine, K-9 Laika.  With Sergeant’s Tenney Jr.’s recent promotion, coupled with the age of K-9 Laika, it was time to seek a successor canine for our Department. 

The Keene Police Department will officially accept K-9 PATRIOT at the NH Working Dog Foundation’s annual dinner and awards ceremony for its handlers and K-9’s.  The awards ceremony will be held in Portsmouth on Monday, 5/10/2010.

Lastly, the Keene Police Department would also like to thank the Keene Elks Lodge #927 for their generous donation to the Keene PD’s K-9 budget.  This $1500 donation will enable the Department to support two K-9 teams until K-9 PATRIOT is street certified.  Keene Elks Lodge #927 also donated $3000 for the purchase of K-9 NIKO (KPD working dog 1998-2005) in 1998. 

The Keene Police Department wishes its next K-9 team continues successes, along with a productive and healthy career for K-9 PATRIOT.

Captain Andy Schaeffer

How Patriot got his name