Public Transportation

Effective public transit service throughout Keene is essential to the success of the park-and-walk community. Effective public transit must be available to move people when and where they wish to go. This presents a number of logistical and budgetary challenges for Keene’s transportation decisions and the private-sector principle of providing access for employees and customers. Given the diverse character of commuter, business and residential trips in the Keene area, an effective reduction in personal motor-vehicle trips will require substantial public transit, van or carpooling services. Creating a more efficient, easily identifiable and accessible downtown city express service may be one way to encourage a shift in commuter transportation choice.

Other alternatives should be explored to reduce fuel use by reducing vehicle miles traveled, such as rideshare programs, car-share programs, and the exploration of an official community Zip Car or Segway Safe program. All of these have potential to assist in moving people in a more economical, environmentally friendly way, which will assist in creating a sustainable community as well as highlighting Keene’s creative problem-solving mentality.