Effective Code & Law Enforcement

As a community, we value our high quality of life, high level of safety and low crime rate. In order to maintain and improve upon these qualities, we must assess procedures for enforcement of the city’s health and property codes. These codes are in place to ensure that housing remains safe and in good condition, as well as to ensure that our community maintains a high level of aesthetic appeal and community health, which supports the community’s general welfare, property values and its ability to attract new residents. It is important to community members that the city’s code enforcement officers are proactive in enforcement activities and provide follow-through to ensure requirements are being met.

Another desirable safety feature residents mentioned is a community law-enforcement presence. Many residents asked for the re-establishment of a downtown police presence, whether through a substation or more foot and bicycle patrols. Many feel that a street-level connection between community and law enforcement helps deter negative behavior. Increased communication between neighborhood associations and higher-education institutions can also help ensure a safe community.