Municipal Government

It is a goal of city government to provide transparent and responsible leadership. Therefore, it is imperative that we communicate effectively and share useful information with community members to help them participate in decisions that affect their well-being. Information should be accurate, timely and in plain language.

The City of Keene should continue to strive toward a user-friendly, interactive website that provides useful, well-written and easily understood information. The website should also allow online access to government services, such as paying water and sewer bills. The city can also pursue educational opportunities among the county, school district, and city boards and commissions to facilitate collaboration and information exchange, as well as continuing to provide access to city meetings through local television, webcasts and various other media.

The city will continue to plan, prioritize, finance and implement projects that support long-term quality of life for the community and will seek out collaborations and grant opportunities to maximize levels of service and reduce financial burden on taxpayers.