Economic Development and Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is important to citizens and benefits Keene in many ways. Economic benefits include those associated with the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings and heritage tourism, as well as the impact that historic designation has on neighborhood character and property values. Other benefits include preservation’s contribution to downtown economic development and revitalization as well as supporting the community’s sense of place.

The identification and recruitment of users for the community’s historic buildings in downtown is important to the city's economic development. Through economic development partnerships, committees and organizations, Keene should seek to attract businesses that will continue to invigorate the downtown area and showcase the community’s heritage – inclusive of redevelopment of the Middle School, YMCA, Colony Mill and Center at Keene. The ability to preserve the community’s most important historic and cultural spaces, transforming them into prime business, residential and destination areas with a concerted economic and quality-of-life strategy, will continue to make Keene the kind of community where people want to invest, work, live, and play.