Green Building Guidelines and Standards

The following principles and techniques can help serve as a guide for improving the durability, quality and energy efficiency of projects of all uses and scales. These are a starting point for incorporation of green building into local land-use regulations, as the field of green building is constantly expanding and identifying new products, technologies and methods.

  • We should strive to design and construct buildings to last 100 years.
  • Programs should be developed to educate owners and occupants of buildings about weatherization, energy conservation, maintenance techniques, operation and maintenance of high-efficiency systems, and other topics, with the goal of improving and maximizing building performance.
  • Building design should take into consideration Keene’s climate and natural systems, e.g., snow loads, stormwater management, etc.
  • Residential projects should be encouraged to follow green building and energy efficiency guidelines established by the city and community.
  • Incorporate day lighting strategies to decrease reliance on electricity.
  • Use low-toxicity paints, sealers, carpet, and other materials.