The Six Vision Focus Areas

The vision statement is supported by a set of goals, published as part of the community vision document in 2008. In order to retain and build upon the community input that helped create the vision, the six vision focus areas, also used as community goals, form the foundation for the comprehensive master plan. Sustaining and actively applying these focus areas are key to implementing and achieving the community vision. The six vision focus areas are:

1.  A Quality Built Environment
2.  A Unique Natural Environment
3.  Vibrant Economy
4.  Strong Citizenship & Proactive Leadership
5.  A Creative Learning Culture
6.  A Healthy Community

A Quality Built Environment

The built environment addresses the physical and structural parts of our city, including what our city looks like, where we live, how we get around, and how we live. For our future, achieving a quality built environment means:

Providing Quality Housing | Sustaining a Vibrant Downtown | Maintaining Neighborhoods | Preserving and Celebrating Architectural History | Balancing Growth and the Provision of Infrastructure | A Complete Transportation System | Fostering Renewable Energy and Efficient Use of Resources

A Unique Natural Environment

The natural environment addresses the natural areas (green spaces, plants and animals, hillsides and waterways) within and around our city, as well as the man-made areas (green infrastructure, parks, agriculture, and gardens). For our future, achieving a unique natural environment means:

Achieving Community Sustainability | Creating Green Infrastructure

A Vibrant Economy

A vibrant economy addresses the issues of opportunity, prosperity, livability, and availability of meaningful work for citizens. For our future, achieving a vibrant economy means:

Providing for a Balanced Local Economy | Employment Opportunities

A Strong Citizenship and Proactive Leadership

Strong citizenship and proactive leadership focuses on the way our city is led and how community members are engaged in civic opportunities. For our future, achieving a strong citizenship and proactive leadership means:

Transparent and Responsive Leadership | Collaborative
Community Planning | Engaged Citizenry

A Creative, Learning Culture

A creative, learning culture considers individual and community health and well-being, education, and interpersonal relationships. For our future, achieving a creative, learning culture means:

Thriving Arts and Culture | Educational Opportunities for All | Diversity

A Healthy Community

A healthy and safe community considers community and individual health and well-being, provides access to healthcare opportunities, and provides resources to lead safe, healthy lives. For our future, achieving a creative, learning culture means:

Healthy Living | Public Safety | Social Services