According to the 2000 Census, 87.3% of Keene’s adult population (age 18 and over) has completed high school; of this cohort, 31.9% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. This data is strong when compared to the national average: 80.4% of the adult population has completed high school and 24.4% hold at least a bachelor’s degree. The educational attainment of Keene’s adult population is reflected in the high percentage of persons (age 16 and older) working in management, professional, and related fields (35.4%). Sales and office occupations rank second, at 30.1%.

Keene State College Enrollment

Forty-seven percent of all undergraduate students at Keene State College are out-of-state. Of freshmen, 84% live on campus, compared to 42% of non-freshman undergraduates. As a result, 58% of non-freshman undergraduates live off-campus.