**Some parks are available to rent. Please click here for more information.**

Ash Swamp Brook

83 acre wooded swamp on Ash Swamp Brook at the southern edge of Keene
This land grades from woods that tend to be wet into a wetland that tends to have trees. Plan to get your feet wet. A good place for observing wild flowers and birds. 
To get there: The conservation land is east of Farmstead Commons Condominiums, which can be reached from Route 9 heading toward Brattleboro. Take a left onto Base Hill Road. Parking is available on the right just after entering the condominium road. 

Ashuelot River Park

157 acre park including the Ashuelot River and adjoining wetlands
The main trail along the east side of the river begins at the West Street Entrance. The path extends north to the bike trail near the Route 9 bypass. At that point you can cross the bike path bridge and follow a much smaller trail along the west bank of the river north to the Tanglewood Estates trailer court or follow the paved bike path which continues on to Wheelock Park. The park was newly landscaped and rededicated in 1996. 
Memorial cobblestones are available for a donation of $50 each.  For more information, please click here
To get there: Heading away from downtown Keene on West Street, pass the Colony Mill Marketplace on your left. Turn right at the next stoplight to park at the main entrance. You can also enter the park from the bike path between Wheelock Park and Court Street.
Maintained by the City of Keene Parks and Recreation Department

Beaver Brook Falls

A 26 acre preserve along Beaver Brook with a steep gorge and a waterfall
The abandoned highway leads uphill at a gentle incline with steep hills rising 200 feet or so on either side. There are many views of Beaver Brook cascading down the gorge. About one-half mile up the road, rocky cliffs overlook the falls. 
To get there: Turn right onto the Old Concord Road off Washington St. and immediately left onto Washington Street extension. Park where this road ends at a metal gate.  

Beech Hill Preserve

180 acres of wooded hillside with a spectacular view of Keene from the southern end of the ridge
A steep hillside with many trees, the side of the hill is steep enough to challenge most walkers, but the ridge top provides a flatter area for a relaxed stroll. The walk is short, and the view outstanding especially at sunset.
To get there: The best access is from Chapman Road. Watch for the metal gate on the west side 1/3 mile south from Roxbury Road. (Do not block the gate.) The paved road behind the gate leads to the cable television towers and provides access to the loop trail on the top of the ridge.

Central Square

At the head of Main Street, this is the oldest of Keene's parks
Benches, a bandstand, a fountain and ornamental plantings adorn this island green in the middle of Central Square.

Dinsmoor Woods

A border strip of woodland along Maple Ave
In 1928 Mary Dinsmoor gave the city 13 acreas of forest approximately 50 feet back from either side of Maple Avenue. Soon after the Faulkner and Colony firm added 8 acres to the park. The 1938 Hurricane took down most of the tall trees and the City replanted with red pines. In the spring watch for lady slippers in bloom and the larger white pines which pre-date 1938. 
To get there: Go north on Court Street about one and 1/2 miles to Maple Avenue. Turn left onto Maple Avenue. Dinsmoor Woods is along the sides near Jonathan Daniels Elementary School.

Ellis-Harrison Park

A 4.9 acres neighborhood park named in honor of two WWII veterans
A very pleasant small park bordering Beaver Brook with lawns, park benches, tennis courts, playground equipment and shade trees.
To get there: The park is located at the intersection of Giffin and Knight Streets which can be reached by turning right at 463 Washington Street onto Giffin Street.

Fuller Park

A 4.5 acre triangle located in front of the Keene Recreation Center Established in 1925 and named after John H. Fuller, the park has lawns, shade trees, park benches, playground equipment and the Veterans Memorial and reflecting pool. New playground equipment donated by the Keene Lions Club was erected in the Fall of 2006. 
To get there: The Recreation Center is located at 312 Washington Street. The park is in front of the Center between Washington and Gilsum Streets.    

Greater Goose Pond Forest

A vast area of protected forest and a pond in north central Keenegoose pond fall
An extensive forest with many brooks, wetlands and some trees that have been undisturbed since 1868. An excellent habitat for birds and mammals. Included in this area are Goose Pond, Drummer Hill and the Ministry Lot. The City of Keene created Goose Pond in 1868 as an additional water supply but stopped using the water in the 1930's. Trails and old roads lead into this area from many directions. From the parking lot a trail leads uphill. It is an easy ten minute walk to the pond. 
To get there: From Central Square take Court Street north to East Surry Road. The marked parking lot for Goose Pond is about half a mile up the road on the right. 


Hickey—Desilets Park            

A tiny park in a bend of the Ashuelot River at the intersection of island and Winchester Streets.  It was first established in the mid-1800’s and called the “Ashuelot Park”, but was renamed in the late 1930’s in honor of Fred Hickey and Leo Desilets, Co. G, 103rd US Infantry, two World War I veterans whowere killed in Chateau Thierry France.
Facilities: Park benches and ornamental trees and shrubs.


Ladies' Wildwood Park

A 15.4 acre wooded park
The park was created in 1890 when a stately grove of trees was threatened by development. Unfortunately the hurricane of 1938 leveled most of the original grove. The City replanted with red pines and a few hugh white pines are all that remain from the original woods. The park is mostly flat and criss-crossed with trails. 
To get there: The park is located at the intersection of Park Avenue and Arch Street. Parking is available in Wheelock Park across Park Ave.

Robin Hood Park and Forest

A 130 acre forest park with a pond
In 1889 George Wheelock donated 12 acres of land to be called "The Children's Wood". In 1896 he added 83 acres which he named Robin Hood Forest. The forest is located on a west-facing hillside with a scenic pond at its base. The park has numerous ledges and massive boulders. A small stream cascades into the pond. A maze of trails criss-crosses the park. The facilities include a swimming pool, tennis courts, playground equipment, picnic tables, park benches and a playing field. Bathrooms are open in the summer and the pond is groomed for skating in the winter. A detailed brochure on Robin Hood Forest and the Children's Wood is available from the City of Keene Parks and Recreation Department. 
To get there: Turn left at 366 Reservoir Street off of Roxbury Street. Parking is in the lot between the pond and the swimming pool.

shadow lakeShadow Lake

A 10 acre preserve with a pond, stream and forest
A small scenic pond beside Black Brook. Several acres of marsh and forest extend to the north of the pond. 
To get there: Left on Kendall Road, off Park Avenue, and all the way to the dead end.

Stearns Hill

A 120 acre pasture and woodland perched above Hurricane Brook
The open pasture is perched on the side of Stearns Hill in such a way that it is nearly invisible from the road. From within it you can see Mount Monadnock. Beavers have stearns hilldammed up a marshy pond on the small stream. An old woods road runs west up Stearns Hill. 
To get there: A dirt road right-of-way on the left 2.2 miles on Hurricane Road from its intersection with Arch Street leads to the Stearns Hill property. There is no bridge over Hurricane Brook so expect to jump or get your feet wet.

Three Mile Swamp

51 acres of marsh and low lying forest surrounding Beaver Brook at the north edge of town
An area of marsh, shrubs, and young forests with good habitat for a variety of birds and mammals. 
To get there: The land is to the east of Route 10 as it heads north towards Gilsum from Route 9.

Wheelock Park

A 41 acre developed park with surrounding woodlands
In 1886 George Wheelock bought the old West Keene fairgrounds and gave it to the City as Wheelock Park. The park is now a series of playing fields with a fringe of surrounding forest. There are also tennis courts, horseshoe courts, and playground equipment, a campground, a swimming pool and an ice hockey rink.
To get there: The park is located at 101 Park Avenue in West Keene.