Training and EMS Bureau

Training at Keene Fire Department is very dynamic and focused on maintaining skills and advancing knowledge base. Over the last fifiteen years Keene has been a leader in the state training all full-time personnel to technical levels in many areas. Keene was the first department in the state to establish and train personnel to form a level "A" Hazardous Materials Team. Now one of nine teams in the state covering the southwestern corner of NH. In 1996 emergency medical training advanced to the paramedic level and the department maintains 15 paramedics on staff with at least one always on duty. In 2001 all personnel recieved Emergency Vehicle Operator Certification (EVOC) to show competence and comply with National Fire Protection Assosication standards for driver training. Shortly after this Keene Fire obtained three thermal imagers, thanks to Peerless insurance, The Grange Insurance and State Farm. All personnel attended intensive SafeIR training to become proficient in their use and operate them safely. In recent years the city has experienced an increase in swift water emergencies. In 2004 all personnel recieved training to become swift water rescue technicians. This training quickly paid off with a rescue at the Ashuelot River Dam in 2006 and three more in 2008.

Each year all full-time personnel attend four days of mandatory training. Generally these days are used to refresh on critical skills or to advance skills as mentioned above. Keene strives to be highly trained and facilitate training for departments in the area. In the past certification courses for area firefighters have been offered and facilitated at KFD. We hope to continue this in the future and build relationships with neighboring departments.


  Within the last year we have completed the following training:    

  • Combined Fire Operations
  • Firefighter Safety & Survival (RIT Techniques)
  • Complete Training on new Scott AP-75 SCBA Units & RIT Equipment
  • Trench Rescue Equipment Training
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • 2 Day Haz-Mat Tech Re-Cert

Emergency Medical Services Bureau

The EMS Bureau maintains the state and federal mandated certifications of all personel. We currently employ 15 Paramedics, 9 AEMT's, 16 Intermediates, and 2 EMTs all who are cross trained in fire, rescue and haz mat. Effective March 2016 all of our Intermediates will have completed the mandated transition from EMT-Intermediate to AEMT (Advanced EMT). There are currently several members who are working towards completing this process.

Keene Fire Department runs 3 ambulances, 2 out of Central Station and 1 out of West Station.