Fire Alarm Bureau

The responsibilities of the Fire Alarm Division staff include:

§Perform acceptance tests for fire alarm systems after installation

§Maintenance of municipal fire alarm systems and street pull boxes

§Keeping all records of testing of fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems and suppression systems

City Of Keene Fire Department can now offer a solution to its businesses and residents with the installation of a Knox Box at their location. Knox Box key boxes have been protecting businesses, schools & commercial properties in Keene since 1996. Installation of a Knox Box shall be required at any occupancy installing a fire alarm system and shall be approved by the City of Keene Fire Department. Please contact Lieutenant Joe Amato of the City of Keene Fire Department at (603) 757-1864 with any questions that you may have. For further product information you can also visit the Knox Company web site at 

Effective April 2012 the City of Keene adopted ordinance O-2012-06 Relating to Fire Alarms. The ordinance sets the standard and general requirement for fire alarm and emergency communication installations within the City of Keene.

Adoption of NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code 2007 edition: In addition to NFPA 1 and NFPA 101 adopted in December of 2008 the city has adopted NFPA 72 as the standard for Fire Alarms.

Occupancies required to connect to the municipal fire alarm system: The following occupancies if new or being introduced shall have fire alarm systems connected to the municipal fire alarm system (Master Box) if within 2000 feet: Education, Daycare, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Detention and Correction, Hotels, Motels, Dormitories, residential board and care, Class A Mercantile, Industrial, Underground windowless, apartment buildings 4 or more stories high and any special hazard/extra hazard as determined by the Fire Chief.All master boxes shall be accessible year round from a walkway or entranceway.

Emergency responder radio coverage: All new buildings shall have approved radio coverage for responders within the building. Coverage shall facilitate communications between emergency personnel in all areas of the building. This will apply largely to industrial complexes with steel or concrete walls that prohibit radio communications with emergency responders.A permit is required for installation of or modification to emergency responder radio communication systems and related equipment.Maintenance performed in accordance with this code is not considered a modification and does not require a permit.

Annual Fire Alarm Access Permit: Access to work on, disable or restore fire alarm systems connected to emergency force notification, excluding one and two family household warning fire alarms, shall be limited to authorized personnel who have acquired an alarm access permit.

To obtain a permit from the Fire Department please forward the completed permit application along with plans (if applicable), and the necessary permit fees (check or money orders only please).

If you have questions about the newly adopted fire alarm ordinance please contact (603) 757-1864.