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The goal of the Code Enforcement Department is to provide the highest quality service with the greatest efficiency. The services the department provides are various and numerous. The customers for the department are external and internal as they include the general public, contractors, design professionals, the legal profession, the Fire Department, Assessing, Finance, Planning, Engineering Departments, as well as various state and federal departments. The Code Enforcement Department publishes documents and produces specialized reports in addition to staffing two boards: the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Building Code Board of Appeals as well as City Council. The Code Enforcement Department enhances the general safety, health and welfare of the public through the adoption and enforcement of modern building, electrical, plumbing and other codes. The department also regulates, maintains and revises all city building and zoning codes, while ensuring life safety in the home and the community.

Code Enforcement plays an important role in the community, not only with regard to new construction, but also with the repair and alteration of existing buildings. Because the building industry is ever changing, Code Enforcement personnel must stay informed regarding new materials, processes and practices. By keeping up with the industry, the department exerts a positive influence on the environment and contributes to the economic health and well being of the community. As both an educator and valuable resource, a professional department provides many services to ensure a healthy and safe environment, from which the public benefits. The department only can be successful and provide needed services if there is recognition that code enforcement services are necessary and if there is a commitment to providing them.

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Contact Information

City of Keene, Code Enforcement Department
City Hall, 3 Washington St.
Keene, NH 03431
(603) 352-5440
(603) 283-5654


Current Programs

The Voluntary Minimum Housing and Safety Inspection is intended to provide the public, including tenants, with information on rental properties whose owners have voluntarily agreed to be inspected on the basis of safety-oriented guidelines. To request this visual inspection, please click here.

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