City of Keene Tagging Initiative

The City of Keene has embarked on a new online initiative to streamline information sharing with the citizens of Keene.  The City will be "tagging" certain projects or initiatives that have generated a significant amount of community interest.  This initiative will be a collaborative effort with the Keene Sentinel, which will be applying the same tag to their articles.  The tag assigned by the City can be used to search all online content associated with the item through the search engine of your choice.  You can also search the City site using the assigned tag to view all associated content posted to the City website.  A variety of information will be available for review including: agendas, minutes, meeting videos, and other reference materials.  A search of external content through a search engine may reveal information or opinions posted to blogs, or social networking sites.  Please click here to learn more about tags, and to view a list of tagged projects or initiatives.