The City of Keene, NH recognized by Washington, D.C

Two New England Cities honored in Washington, D.C. for important achievements in Sustainability and the Environment.

Keene, NH and Burlington, VT Receive High Honors for Their Continued Commitment to helping the Environment and Improving the Quality of Life of Residents and Communities.

Washington, D.C. [Sep 25, 2010] – The cities of Burlington, VT and Keene, NH were honored with an important award in Washington, D.C. last weekend in recognition of Planning Innovation. ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability USA, the leading local government association addressing climate change and sustainability, made the presentation before an audience of 250 local government leaders and sustainability experts in Washington, D.C. as part of its biannual Local Action Summit.

The City of Keene, NH was recognized for its comprehensive integration of climate adaptation and climate mitigation principles into the City’s Master Plan and the City of Burlington, VT was honored for the special efforts of Fire Station #1 in its high impact, waste reducing compost program. “We are thrilled to have an opportunity to recognize the great work and continued commitment to sustainability and the environment demonstrated by Keene, NH and Burlington, VT. These cities’ commendable efforts are improving the quality of life of their residents and in doing so our larger global community,” said Martin Chávez, Executive Director, ICLEI USA and three-term mayor of Albuquerque, NM.

As members of ICLEI USA, Burlington and Keene have unique access to emissions quantification analysis tools, technical training, local climate protection expertise and other services that strategically guide local governments through sustainability goal setting and realization. Through the ICLEI Sustainability Leadership Awards, both the city of Keene, NH and the city of Burlington, VT have been recognized as national leaders by their local government peers.

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